At RoundTripper Sports Academy, we are proud to have highly accomplished and respected instructors on our staff. Students benefit from our in-depth knowledge, effective approach to training, and personalized attention to detail. For 30 years, we have been in the business of helping young athletes excel. Put our experience and dedication to work for your athlete; give us a call today. As our student, your athlete will work with the following athletic instructors.

Chris Estep

Scott Shirley

Cesar Barrientos

Garrett Christman

Eduardo Villacis

Jaylen Cushenberry

Andrew Quinn

Eric Wott

Gabbi Schnaiter

Cole Barr

Carson Coleman

Hayden Wynja

Alfonso Palacios

Madison Foster

Vernon Smith

Harrison Freed

Jackson Freed

Reese Sharp

Pitcher pitching a ball to a batter

Contact us for information about our lessons and programs. We work with young athletes in Central Indiana.

Our Stats

30 Years in Business
61 Professionals Trained
794 College Athletes
40000 Ballplayers Made